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Bella Sky Hotel, 3xn, denmark, copenhagen, leaning towers, high performance facade

The Bella Sky Hotel is located in the new Ørestad neighborhood and has 814 rooms and 30 conference rooms. Due to a height restriction the building was not allowed to go above 75 meters, so the hotel was designed as two towers to achieve the desired density. Twisting and leaning in order to provide views for the guests, the towers appear as if they are dancing. The towers lean out at a staggering 15 degrees in each direction (11 degrees more than the leaning tower of Pisa), which is making the building an iconic landmark for the area.

3XN designed a large portion of the interior, which was done in a style reminiscent of a tasteful Scandinavian home with warmth, light and a connection to nature. The towers’ energy efficient facade is a mesmerizing pattern of blue glass and white triangles and was expressly designed to be insulated against solar heat gain and heat loss. The hotel also offers electric vehicle plugins for their guests who arrive in eco style, plus they have an overall sustainability plan for running the hotel and hope to achieve an environmental certification in the near future.

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Images ©Adam Moerk