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The design is based on the idea of unity and infinity. At night the ring is reflected in the lake and looks like a full luminescent moon. The luxurious development has porticoes and ceilings inlaid with Citrine, which is a type of jade that symbolizes wealth, while Red Rose Cryloite and Silk Road Cryolite are used as decoration for front and concierge desks. Despite being so blatantly extravagant, some efforts were made to reduce the project’s energy consumption.

Unlike conventional glass curtain facades, often used in hotel design, the Sheraton Huzhou doesn’t require a lot of air-conditioning units. The shape of the building provides shade for all of the balconies and promotes natural ventilation. The ultra-white glass allows natural light into each room, thereby eliminating the need for additional artificial lighting during the day. This saves energy and creates a pleasant atmosphere as well.

This is the first five-star resort for mainland China’s affluent business class and it oozes wealth and extravagance. Albeit impressive and striking in design, we question, from an environmental point-of-view, whether the LED-lit façade and convenient circular shape can compete with the resort’s incredible environmental footprint.

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