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Theater on the Fly, West Sussex, England, Assemble, UK, recycled materials, temporary design, green design, sustainable design, eco-design, green design, Chichester Festival Theater

Since the temporary Theater on the Fly will only be used for nine weeks and was limited by a tight budget, it was imperative to keep both costs and the project’s environmental footprint low. This was achieved by using mostly recycled or reusable materials, much of which was donated, and then cladding the entire structure in pond lining that only cost £300.

The interior showcases all of the pulleys, ropes, scaffolding and other infrastructure necessary to run a flytower theater and features chipboard seating that can be used to watch both indoor and outdoor performances. At the end of three plays that are directorial debuts, the theater will be dismantled and the materials re-purposed elsewhere. So cool! Also, if you love this, check out the fetching Flyover for a Folly in London.

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Images via Jim Stephenson