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Konrad Wójcik designed Pole House for the D3 Natural Systems International Architectural Design Competition and wanted to create a home with virtually no environmental footprint. He came up with an A-frame style home mounted on a single pole with a profile that strongly resembles a pine tree. The home also acts as a protest to deforestation as the slender profile and small footprint can easily fit into a forest without cutting down trees.

In total, the home offers 61 sq m (656 sq ft) of space on four levels. Designed for two people, it is accessed via stairs that lead from the ground into a mudroom and storage area at the bottom. Next is the living room, kitchen and bathroom, followed by a work loft and finally a sleeping loft at the top. Smart design, integrated storage, alternating tread stairs and space-saving strategies all work to create a lot of functionality in a small space.

As for sustainability, the home would be built from Cradle To Cradle certified products including, zinc cladding, engineered wood products, and cellulose insulation. Efficient LED lighting, a ground source heat pump, radiant floor heating, daylighting and natural ventilation all work in conjunction to reduce energy use. Photovoltaic panels mounted on the exterior produce electricity for the house, while rainwater collection provides water and an integrated bio digester manages the waste. While the Pole House is just an idea, it has great potential as sustainable housing for the future.

Via Adventure Journal

Images ©Konrad Wójcik