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LivingHomes collaborated with Kieran Timberlake to design the seven townhomes for the Presidio, making this their first foray into building multi-family residences. The project was developed by Forest City and is situated adjacent to the Presidio Landmark. The project is made up of seven three-story attached units overlooking a shared central green in front of a wooded area. Each three-bedroom, three-bathroom unit includes its own garage, patio and rooftop deck.

A solar system on the project’s roof helps reduce each unit’s energy bill, while Energy Star lighting and appliances along with super tight insulation and radiant floor heating work to reduce energy demand. Each home is also equipped with specially designed trash and recycling chutes on every floor to encourage recycling as well as an energy dashboard to help residents see how much energy they are using in real-time. Rainwater is collected on the roof and stored in an underground aquifer, all landscaping is drought tolerant, and low-flow fixtures are used throughout.

Steve Glenn, CEO of LivingHomes, said in a press release, “The Presidio is an incredible protected space in the middle of San Francisco, and it’s critical to build new buildings there in a way that minimizes the impact on natural resources. We hope Belles Townhomes set the bar for future projects there. It’s also our first foray into multifamily housing, which is arguably the most responsible kind of housing. We hope to make this a major focus for LivingHomes.”