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Located at the foothills of the Alps in Wiggensbach, Bavaria, House S is a two-story single family residence. Designed by Becker Architekten to be used as both a home and office space, the building enjoys expansive views of the surrounding landscape. The design was inspired by traditional barns from the area and is built with locally-sourced white fir that will grey with age. A staircase divides the garage and office area from the rest of the home and a concrete core contains the furnace, bathrooms and kitchen.

Built into a hillside, the home is buffered from the weather by the ground on the north side. To the south, the home enjoys resplendent views, and passive design takes in sunlight and heat in the winter while providing summertime shade. Sliding shutters on the west and south side can be closed to shield the home even more, especially during storms with wind and snow. Designed according to Germany’s low-energy-house standards, House S makes use of a geothermal heat pump, radiant floor heating and a central oven for when it is really cold.

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Images ©Becker Architekten