Say the word “cabana” and most people immediately conjure ideas of banana daiquiris, palm trees and flower print shirts. However, take one look at The Modern Cabana and a totally different aesthetic comes to mind. Not to say that this great little outdoor room wouldn’t lend itself perfectly to a lazy afternoon with some blended drinks and tiki torches! Designed and produced by brothers-in-law Casper Mork-Ulnes and Nick Damner of San Francisco, the Cabana originated out of a desire to provide a little extra space that is often desired, but hard to implement.

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The Modern Cabana was designed to provide a contemporary alternative for a home office, guest bedroom, or studio space without requiring a loan- or ripping off the side of your house. The necessary components ship flat-packed (IKEA style), reducing shipping requirements, potential damage en route, and waste. Once it arrives, the Cabana can be erected by the home owner using common tools.

Although the Modern Cabana does not come wired or plumbed, the walls are constructed as cavities so that any wiring or infrastructure can easily be accommodated. Additionally, the roof, siding, and windows can be customized to match your home, or give you an entirely different look altogether. Starting at around $100 per sq-ft, the Cabana is a tad pricier than we’d like to shell out for a backyard hideaway without electricity. However, the fact that you can build this thing yourself in a weekend – without even applying for a permit (in most areas) – is deliciously tempting to the erector-set-kid in all of us.

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