The Palomar5 “Camp” is an incredible project that brought 30 thinkers under the age of 30 from 30 different disciplines together for six weeks to foster innovation outside of the corporate world. To enhance their idea, Palomar5 called on the innovative minds at 45 Kilo and the ZWEIDREI group to design a completely green live/work space for the event. The environment was constructed inside an old empty factory building in South Berlin. It fostered creativity for six weeks and then was broken down and completely recycled.

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The live/work space was split into three sections. A “Sleeping Box” was designed to house each participant in their own cube complete with a bed, lighting, storage space and a sliding door. The cubes were laid out to create street-like avenues in the sleeping quarters. They were intentionally small to encourage people to congregate in groups instead of staying isolated. The doors opened and closed completely, allowing participants to choose their level of privacy. The cubes were constructed without glue from recycled MDF which was re-purposed at the end of the project to heat the carpenter’s bio-mass heating system.

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The rest of the environment was open and full of natural light. The “Recreational Area” remained undivided by walls and was meant as a hang out space when work wasn’t happening. The highlight of the environment was the “Working Area”, which was constructed completely from recycle-able cardboard. Its lofted white-washed walls served as dividers for different workstations and also as backboards for projects being discussed. The plan created division and privacy for different groups without cutting the space with traditional walls.

After the six weeks were over and the entire environment was recycled or re-purposed, the ideas of the 30 participants were presented to 300 high-profile representatives of economics, science, culture, politics and media at the Palomar5 Summit. The participants came up with strategies and solutions for issues surrounding humanitarian efforts, the involvement of the media in social issues, and communications technology. No doubt 45 Kilo and ZWEIDREI’s inspiring design gave them an open and inviting environment to get their mind wheels turning.


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