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With the infamous Fernsehturn TV Tower glittering like a needle in the background, the glowing Tree Concert welcomed visitors to Berlin’s Monbjoupark. The 100 year old chestnut tree towers over the park, its thick branches becoming a mass of green leaves. Below the tree, an array of geometric forms were installed, their points jutting out from the ground. Covered in taut polymer membranes, the translucent surfaces would come to life as the tree shed its chestnuts.

As each nut striked, the membranes were activated, releasing a spurt of ambient sound. With one chestnut following the other, the musical atmosphere created was meant to evoke the turning of the seasons from summer to fall. The glowing forms below combined with the interactive sounds made for a warm and welcoming magical site. From September 17-23rd, visitors could revel in the tree symphony while relaxing on the grass of their favorite park.

The innovative installation was designed to promote awareness of the dwindling tree population in the German capital.

+ BBDO Proximity