With the aim of blending the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, Ahlbrech Felix Scheidt Kasprush Architectsdesigned this glowing glass home within a pine forest in Germany. Called Minimum House, the residence is situated in Mellensee, south Berlin, and it is currently up for sale – including all furniture and fittings. Modular, energy-efficientand topped by a green roof, this modernist shelter combines two key design elements: ecology and economy.

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Mainly made from glass and wood, Minimum House was projected by a multidisciplinary team consisting of architects, engineers, highly skilled builders and technicians. Highly energy-efficient, the woodland shelter has 3 glazed sides that allow active and passive solar energy use, and a north face made from highly insulatedtimber. A space for enjoying a contemporary open-plan living, Minimum House is also topped by a green roof planted with dense vegetation to reduce solar gain while serving as a natural rainwater filter.

+ Ahlbrech Felix Scheidt Kasprush

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