New Zealand-based design studio BGWorld recently released their latest collection of recycled lamps dubbed ‘Kamikarze Lamps’. The quirky lamps are handcrafted from discarded toys in need of a new home, and each piece has been intricately detailed and weighted. The explosive mix of nostalgia and adventure appeal to both young and old, and the lamps cast bold silhouettes on the space that surrounds them.

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Each Kamikarze Lamp is unique, and the toys selected for eachlamp are analyzed carefully in terms of size, weight and shape so that they may be positioned to form a balanced, well-supported piece. That being said, the BGWorld team aims to incorporate all the toys that are brought to them from around New Zealand, rejuvenating them with an enamel coat so that they are ready to take on their new role. The Kamikarze Lamps are available in bold, silver and red.

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