Organic Growth by Madrid and London-based Izaskun Chinchilla Architects

In a surprising move, the jury of the fifth annual City of Dreams Pavilion Competition has chosen not one, but two entries as this year’s winners. As part of the ever popular FIGMENT festival that takes place every year on Governor’s Island, the pavilion design has become an integral symbol of the event’s message of open art expression. This year, after hours of deliberation, the jury remained deadlocked between two incredible entries: Billion Oyster Pavilion by New York-based BanG Studio and Organic Growth by Madrid and London-based Izaskun Chinchilla Architects.

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Billion Oyster Pavilion by BanG StudioBillion Oyster Pavilion by New York-based BanG Studio

Although this year’s tie is a first for the competition, FIGMENT Executive Producer David Koren, hailed the jury’s pragmatic decision as a positive way to spread the event’s message even further, “In the five years we’ve been doing the City of Dreams Competition, we’ve never had this happen before! The jury saw that the Billion Oyster Pavilion and Organic Growth were both incredibly interesting designs that interpret the competition brief in completely different ways. If we can build them both, perhaps we can create some really exciting dialogue around temporary architecture and sustainability.”

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Indeed, the two designs are spectacular exhibitions that speak volumes about sustainability within an urban context. BanG Studio’s Billion Oyster Pavilion is based on a local New York issue, highlighting the effects of climate change with a design focused on “resiliency and the long-term benefits of growing new oyster beds in New York Harbor.”

Izaskun Chinchilla Architects’ design message within its pavilion, Organic Growth, represents the global problem of excessive landfill waste and the ability to repurpose discarded trash into usable materials.

Now that the winning designs have been announced, the problem of funding two pavilions instead of one presents quite the challenge for the organization. To support the cause, FIGMENT is accepting tax deductible donations to support the construction, installation, and maintenance of the two pavilions. Donations can be made at FIGMENT’s website

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