Biopod makes growing easy and may be the next big wave for green thumbs. A synthesis of ecology and sustainability, Biopods are multi-use indoor herb gardens, vegetables gardens, aquaponics chambers that grow food with fish and fish waste, and  luxury housing for a pet lizard or snake. So what sets Biopod apart from traditional aquariums and vivariums? Biopod mimics a rain forest habitat while allowing you to grow your own garden. Once you’ve got your herbs, vegetables, or pets all snug in your Biopod, you can regulate temperature, lighting, humidity, ventilation and “rain fall” via an app.

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Jared Wolfe initially conceived the Biopod to be a safe haven for endangered rain forest species, namely frogs, as its habitat mimics rain forest conditions. Wolfe received a degree in Biology from the University of Calgaryand has been studying endangered frogs and their habitats for 20 years now. Jared made Biopod “as a way to engage people of all walks of life for a common purpose – to collectively make a positive change in the world by simply enjoying what nature has to offer.” When you factor in the costs of habitat, lighting, heating, humidity control, and food, the self-regulated Biopod begins to look like a self-regulated Piggy-bank.

Health nut? Grow your own wheat grass with little to no fuss, and enjoy that fresh vitality each morning. Just which markets will be most enthusiastic about its features remains to be seen. Biopods main mission is to further ecological preservation and spread awareness on endangered species. The upcoming world premier of Biopod is to take place at Interzoo in Nuremberg, Germany from May26th-29th, 2016; booth #421 in Hall 4A. S

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