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The Ekihouse utilizes simplicity and functionality as its founding principles, and the result is an easily replicated dwelling that has a unique beauty to its facade. The multi-purpose design of the “loft space” interior means the various permutations of furniture allow residents to showcase their individual tastes and adjust the room to meet different functions throughout the day. As we have previously reported, utilizing state-of-the-art materials and production methods to build the module mostly off-site, the structure can be setup, fully up and running very quickly. Once the water tanks are filled and the PV array is operational, most of the basic human needs of any resident are met in a sustainable fashion.

The building is surrounded by bedded plants — in this case they chose a more floral option but could just as easily become an organic fruit and vegetable garden. The team recycled polystyrene boxes from their local coastal towns that had previously been used to hold fish caught in the Atlantic into planters, underpinning the sustainable ethos so prominent in the design. The Basque team was a friendly and knowledgable bunch, explaining the exterior and interior workings very comprehensively.

The Solar Decathlon in Madrid is currently running until the end of the month and we’ll keep you updated with further developments from the event.

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