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Slicing through the center of town, Superkilen is easily identified with geometric sections painted on the pavement in red, magenta, rust and coral colors. Celebrating the diverse cultural make up of Copenhagen, each color represents a different zone for experiencing the cultural artifacts and activities. Bike paths run throughout, linking Superkilen to the cycling highways of the city.

Many countries are represented throughout the interactive exhibition. An octopus slide from Japan invites kids and adults to go for a ride down one of its tentacles. An ornate Islamic tiled fountain represents Morocco, creating a meeting point at the center of a square. Armenia is repped with picnic tables that sit near Brazilian benches and Iraqi swings. Kids can frolic on a playground from Delhi, while parents keep watch from a Cuban bench.

Visitors can take a load off at the Black Square, sitting in furniture beneath a giant red star sign from the United States. The Green Park brings a breath of fresh air to Superkilen, with an intermingling of trees, plants and lush grass hills that are prime for picnicking and lounging.

Superkilen is a unique presentation of a museum, weaving the fabric of the actual city with these international artifacts — all for inhabitants to enjoy.

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