This year the Pratt booth at Bklyn Designs showcased an impressive body of creative work by students, making it clear that the budding designers view sustainability as integral to the development of a design, not as an afterthought to be accounted for later. We were particularly impressed with the Evan Dewhirst’s ergonomic Buoy Chair, and we’re excited to announce that it won our Best Student Design Award! The Buoy Chair is made up of a water buoy, an aluminum body and a cork top, all held together by a harness inside the chair, making it free of glues and epoxies. Sitting upon the stool encourages active balance, upright posture, and is a lot of fun!

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Dewhirst was inspired to create a chair for those designers who often find themselves at tall drafting tables where both standing and sitting can be awkward. With its rounded bottom, the chair also provides comfort, mobility to access a large area of space and, perhaps most importantly, relief for their feet. The buoy chair is fun and ergonomic, and we simply loved it. Congratulations to Evan Dewhirst for winning Inhabitat’s Best Student Design award!

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