One part origami, one part architecture, pure genius, the brand new Bloxes system makes 2-dimensional pieces of interlocking cardboard come to life as expandable and continually adaptable structures. Because they’re so masterfully designed, Bloxes create structures strong enough to stand on, all assembled without tools. So they’re not just for room separating anymore- build a bench, a table, a wall, or even a full room!

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Each Bloxespiece measures 9 1/2 inches when assembled, so a pack of 20 will create a 4×5 blox wall that measures close to 3×4 feet. They’re multi-faceted, so you can build in any direction by folding on the pre-scored lines, punch in the eyes at the center, flip a few flaps and stick a few triangle pegs and boom, you’ve got yourself some new furniture. Bloxes is a Chicago-run design company owned and run by Andrew Wilson and Aza Raskin. We love the environmentally friendly design possibilities afforded by this ingenious modular cardboard DIY building system.

+ $59.95 for a set of 20 pieces