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The Revival house is a one-story Spanish Colonial in the North Encanto area in central Phoenix. The 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,789 sq ft home was redesigned by The Ranch Mine, developed by Firefly Living and was recently featured on the Today Show as a home to buy for under $250,000. Actually the price was more like $229,900 and with its renovation makes it quite a steal. As with all Ranch Mine renovations, sustainability sits at the heart of the project as a way to lower utility costs and create a healthier home.

To renovate this home, Cavin Costello of The Ranch Mine blew out a few walls in the interior to open up the kitchen and living spaces. During this process they discovered the home had zero installation, so they spray-foamed the entire house and dramatically improved its performance. While they couldn’t upgrade the windows because of the home’s historic designation, they could adjust the playing field by strategically placing trees to provide shade. Inside, the home was updated with low-VOC paints, CFL lighting, energy star appliances, low-flow water fixtures, and recycled content and eco-friendly materials. Outside, the front yard was updated with a sliver of grass to break up the rock garden and in the back, most of the lawn was removed to save on water and maintenance. Drought tolerant and native plants were installed in the yard and the exterior was given a bold yellow update.

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