Green renovations like this one in London are really exciting, because they show how much potential there is for taking something you already having and making it so much better, through the application of smart design. Crawford Partnership, a London based architecture firm, was responsible for this remodel and extension. They replaced a dilapidated lean-to shed with a modern and spacious extension that includes an open kitchen and dining room with an extra bedroom and office above it– all while staying within the confines of the existing home. And to top it off, the extension includes a green roof covered in .

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To create the openness and space, Crawford Partnership dug into the yard, placing the new ground floor one meter lower than the original. The garden area was excavated to the same level to match. By lowering the floor, there was more room to build a second floor for the extension and create higher walls for the garden, making the garden feel more enclosed and private. The higher walls also provide the added benefit of reducing noise from the busy city streets.

The extension feels roomy through by its limited use of walls and its views outwards. On the lower level, the kitchen’s accordion-style glass doors allow the house and the garden to become one large open space while on the upper level, an expansive window makes the outdoors appear as one of the room’s walls.

The extension is constructed from glass and Prodema Lignum, an architectural cladding material made from resin-bonded cellulose fiber, covered in a wood veneer and an acrylic finish. The Prodema panels are very durable and weather resistant, not to mention very modern in look and design.

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