The super-futuristic Renew recycle bins that have been popping up all over London are now coming to New York! Eco-company J.M. Ornstein is partnering with the Alliance for Downtown New York to bring the durable modules to lower Manhattan. The bins not only encourage bottle and newspaper recycling, but also bring helpful information like news, weather and traffic to the streets on LCD screens mounted to the outside of each. And get this – the Renew bins are also bomb proof! Since trash bin bombs are a concern in London, the bins were designed to withstand and contain a blast, making things safe for those outside.

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Although recycling bins already dot New York City streets, the flashiness of the Renew bins may attract more users, who will linger at them in order to read up on the weather and news. Each of the bins has a slot for newspapers, as well as a circular cut-out for cans and bottles. The bins can also bring important travel news – like subway status information – to passersby, while providing an outlet to recycle their just-finished soda bottles.

The high tech bins do, unfortunately, come at a high price – around $47,000 for each. Cost aside, the first bin will take residence at the corner of Whitehall and Water Streets, a tourist-heavy intersection in the hot summer months. The flashy new bins will hopefully attract more people, encouraging more NYers to recycle their bottles and newspapers when walking around the city streets.

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Via Treehugger