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The group has been collaborating since 2011 and their portfolio of waste artwork already includes an ambitious car hull suspended using 70 rolls of cling wrap between two walls. Lengths of plastic are common to their work: other sculptures they have constructed include shopping carts, mattresses, and even living human beings bound up in plastic.

Using this much cling wrap does not sound too eco-friendly. However, the collective could argue that in order to be able to hoist large works like a car a lot of extra plastic material is a necessary addition. Other items may be more in line with their other objectives, however, like biodegradable materials.

The notion that their work becomes deconstructed over time in the street adds to their statements about the amount of waste that occurs in our society. And by turning discarded materials into art, only for it to end up as trash again, Bosso Fataka plays a temporary part in this cycle.

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Images via Bosso Fataka Facebook Page