We have been digging Benjamin Rollins Caldwell’s innovative furniture – namely his vintage circuit board tables- but we’ve also become entranced with his new “Money Tables.” Made from salvaged concreteslabs balanced on modern clear Lucite, each chunky concrets slab is polished to a high gloss finish giving way to a table of unique is size and finish.

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Caldwell trolls construction sites, carefully thumbing through remnant concrete cast offs. With more of an artist’s mindset than that of a designer, he looks through the pieces with special attention given to visual pattern, texture, and of course optimal surface — as they will becomedecorative tables. After choosing the perfect slabs, he hulls them back to his studio where he reworks and coats them, polishing the surface and cross sections.

The Money Tables can be custom ordered in any size and come in various colors and qualities of concrete. Caldwell’s BRC Design furniture lines also upcycles other materials such as chains, old wires, and even jeans labels into furniture.

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