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Growing up in the Bronx, Marche found himself welding in body shops all around town. His passion grew and soon he began collecting junk from neighbors and local business. Kids would leave him their old bikes, shops would cart over pieces of scrap, and neighbors would throw whatever they could find into his back alley work space.

Around this time last year, Marche made a name for himself with his amazing brick-a-brack sculpture called “Silver” along Fordham Road. He welded together a mix of everyday items including a refrigerator, a mannequin, and security cameras. The pieces were then sprayed silver and had the word “Fordham” (with a heart as the O) embedded in the center. Locals and officials loved the piece so much, they jumped at the opportunity to get involved in his next piece. The enormous multi-colored bicycle tower will not only bring new visitors to the area but also encourage recycling.

With two weeks of fundraising left, Marche is offering a slew of amazing rewards. Investors can enjoy returns such as a signed sketch of the project, one-on-one welding lessons with the master sculptor himself, or their very own original work of metal art.

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