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“Light: Installations by Bruce Munro” marks the artist’s first large-scale solo exhibition. His fantastical pieces harmonize within the landscaped grounds and antique greenhouses, creating a glowing wonderland best seen at night. Six outdoor installations weave Munro’s lights into the fabric of trees, flowers and shrubs that make up the legendary Longwood Gardens.

“Forest of Light” and “Field of Light” emulate fields of dandelions as they sprawl across the forest floor and line the banks of Longwood’s pond. Over 20,000 LED-topped stems adorn the forest, while 7,000 additional stems set the pond aglow. The patches of LED flowers bloom at night, creating gentle illuminated fields of color that welcome visitors to wander along the water’s edge and beneath the forest’s canopy.

Munro’s “Water Towers” feature glowing glass bottles stacked up into columns. The 69 towers are set up in a meadow to create a maze of rising forms that change color in synchronization with music. Water lilies and paths of low blooming flowers are also mimicked with gentle patterns of light throughout the grounds.

Inside, installations with candles, chandeliers made up of over 100 glass balls, and a glittering shower of LED droplets create a fantastical landscape within the already magical interior gardens.

Munro’s amazing light installations are on display at Longwood Gardens until September 29th. The exhibition is paired with exquisite programming and events for the entire family to enjoy.

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