In recent years global warminghas lent a hand in increasing the population of the Mountain Pine Beetle, which has been wreaking havoc on acres of woodland area, giving way to a surplus of diseased, buckling, blue-stained pine wood. Seeking an inspired use for this damaged wood, Straight Line Designs has been working on a series of furniture that highlights the unique beauty of this otherwise wasted material. From tables to walls to benches – here’s more proof that with a little ingenuity, you can turn even the most unsightly material into something splendid!

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Straight Line Designs starts by gathering felled wood found in British Columbia’s forests and splitting them into 2x4s, which then undergo a series of tumbling, scuffing and finishing it to create a variety of textures and looks. Once the ideal aesthetic is achieved, the re-birthed material can go into plinths, walls, tables, and cabinets. Recently, the studio even outfitted an interior office space, using the wood for gorgeous accent furniture, a reception desk, a bar table and the base of a living wall. We can’t wait to see what they create with it next!

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