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Manuel Maia Gomes Architects makes their contribution to sustainability by keeping many of the existing materials in their reconstruction project. Original windows, granite walls, porticos, and a few staircases are bolstered by new interventions such as a pigmented concrete staircase and some timber panelling, but much of the original stone is left nude out of deference to history. But the project’s highlight obviously lies in the colorful passageway.

A rainbow-hued link between past and present, the passageway bridges two old buildings that had reached the end of their useful life. Instead of just an empty corridor, however, the architects transformed this space into an inspiring art exhibit that is both naturally lit and ventilated. Creating further allure are the almost frivolous colored glass panels that illuminate the gallery. And finally, keeping the granite walls reduced the project’s energy consumption thanks to this material’s amazing thermal properties. No air-conditioning has been used, so visitors are free to breathe easy while enjoying the various art exhibits!

images via Fernando Guerra

Via Arch Daily