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carol milne, glass artist, glass knitting, knitting, art

Milne (rhymes with “kiln”) is an accomplished artist who also works with bronze and other sculpting materials, but what she really loves is working with glass. “I like glass because it can take on an infinite number of forms and textures,” she says on her website. “It can show an interior image and an exterior image simultaneously. It’s translucent and transparent. It plays with light. It looks cool when it’s hot.”

carol milne, glass artist, glass knitting, knitting, art

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The knitted sculptures are intricately designed and delicate to behold. Using the techniques of wax casting, mold-making, kiln casting and actual knitting, Milne’s glass does not just look like knitting, the glass is actually knit together to create the piece. It is a complex and time-consuming process that was described in a book called, “How Does She Do That?”


Images via Carol Milne