Norwegian architect and designer Camilla Aspeli proposes turning an abandoned brick building into the Visitors Center for Contemporary Glass Art, which hosts workshops and opens up the world of glass art to the public. Aspeli leaves the empty building standing, making good use of its existing shell and recycling interior components to create a new floor. A central ramp winds up through the center, allowing all visitors to easily access every space.

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By making a visual cut in the existing floor, it seems like the floor is cut and lowered to the ground level. The pieces of the original wooden floor are reused, being restructured and put together with underlying H-beams. The ramp moves around the main space and hangs from the existing roof structure. The 78 meter long ramp total length is is 1.7 meters wide, and its two wire sections are connected to underlying beams that make the ramp sturdy. This is fastened with hook and turnbuckle, which is used to keep the wire tight.

Aspeli is particularly interested in sustainability in her designs, and her plan for this art center is a great example of adaptive reuse.

+ Camilla Aspeli