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Issy-les-Moulineaux’s environmental quality charter, called ISSEO, began in 2009 when the town and 20 developers agreed that all new housing and offices would be built to high standards of sustainability. Carré Seine is one of the projects that meets the town’s standards including HEQ, thermal regulation specifications, density, and access to public transportation. Located adjacent to the Seine, the mixed-use residential and hotel complex is served by a variety of public transport options and is centrally located in the town’s new and vibrant mixed development zone. The complex is made up of three buildings with a number of architectural elements and materials with two of the buildings providing room for 69 dwellings and the other building serves as a 175-room hotel.

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The project was designed by Pietri Architectes along with engineering by Franck Boutté Consultants and landscape architecture by Atelier Jours. To meet the town’s standards, the project provides ample public space and connects with the surrounding urban design, as well as achieving a high level of energy efficiency. A tight envelope with high performance insulation ensures that all residences minimize energy losses and consideration of solar orientation provides apartments with access to daylight. Each apartment enjoys an zinc-clad indoor/outdoor room attached to their space that can be used in all seasons, whether as a sun room in the winter or as a private balcony in the summer. A green roof tops part of the buildings, while residents and visitors have access to the landscaped courtyard and enjoy views of the Seine.

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