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Izquierdo Lehman Architects, Chile, Santiago, Lake Rupanco, green roof, green design, sustainable design, eco-design, natural materials, insulation, natural ventilation, passive design

Set up against an extended stone retaining wall, the timber-clad home is barely visible from afar. This integration is further served by both the lush green roof and the natural materials with which the home was constructed. The only thing that might give away it away is a protruding concrete chimney around which the interior program is organized.

Sourced locally and sustainably, the timber floors and slatted cladding ensure the home sits in harmony with the natural surroundings while also allowing it to breathe. Careful orientation mitigates excess solar gain and the green roof provides further cooling and insulation. Although the box design is fairly simple, we take off our hats to any contemporary designer who puts nature first as Iquierdo Lehman has done with Casa 34.

+ Izquierdo Lehman Architects

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