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The pitched Garden Shed made from sustainably-sourced Finnish pine features a handy tool shed area that is accessible via double doors, which allow users to see all of the tools at once quick glance. A longer greenhouse section made from safety glass that allows natural lighting to penetrate the interior. The walls support shelving that can be folded away when not in use, and the brickwork was done with locally-sourced and recycled materials.

Linda Bergroth customized the featured Garden Shed with a timber floor and solar panels in order to use it as a spare bedroom. Lacking any kind of amenities, the customized version of this prefabricated shed (available for sale through Kekkilä Garden in Finland and Hasselfors Garden elsewhere in Scandinavia) provides an excellent, seasonally-dependent, close-to-nature experience. We may not be in Scandanavia, but!

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