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The architects wanted to make sure that the structure didn’t obstruct the views of the local landscape, so they opted to create a low, horizontal volume covered in local materials. The front facade is hidden behind a stone retaining wall and a row of trees planted between the wall and home will further camouflage the home once they have matured.  The rear facade of the home is covered in floor-to-ceiling windows that can be opened to allow natural air to fill the home.

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The residence comprises two large blocks: one of which contains the public areas, while the second contains private rooms. An open floorpan in the public block contains the living room, kitchen and dining space. A laundry room, garage and pantry are tucked away on the far end of this block to decrease noise. Movable partitions allow residents to close off spaces when desired.

The private block of the home includes three bedrooms and a master bedroom, the latter of which stands separate from the rest of the structure. While the exterior is clad in flagstone, inside, the architects utilized partola millwork, stone floors and structural steel elements, resulting in a structure that feels like a part of the rugged environment in which it sits.

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