Cervélo just created the ultimate bike for any triathlon or cycling enthusiast. According to Cervélo, its new P5 bike is the most aerodynamic time trial bike ever engineered. Building on its past aero bikes and with the theme “Simply Faster”, the Cervélo P5 produces less drag than than any other bicycle Cervélo has ever tested, helping athletes get to the finish line even faster.

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Anyone that’s ever done a triathlon knows that there are many different areas to focus on in order to take home that gold medal. Proper training and diet are two important factors, but you never want to enter a race on a heavy bike or with running shoes that are past their prime.

The P5’s frameset is Cervélo’s most aerodynamic ever – its skin surfaces are specially tuned to optimize airflow conditions at each point along the frame. The P5’s cables are completely hidden from the wind, its aerobar is fully integrated into the frame, and its brakes have been optimized so they are lighter and more aerodynamic. Even the placement of water bottles and other storage areas has been optimized to make the bike sleeker. The result is a time savings of 30-seconds in a 25-mile time trial.

How much does the Cervélo P5 cost? Although a starting price of $6,000 may seem a bit steep, just imagine how happy you will be when you take the win just a few seconds ahead of the guy trailing behind you.

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