The award to design the new Czech Embassy in Washington DC was recently given to Prague-based Chalupa Architekti. Deeply rooted in its connection to its surrounding environment, the new embassy is marked by ample daylighting and a gorgeous green roof that seamlessly melts into its site.

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Chalupa Architekti‘s design for the new embassy seeks to present the Czech Republic as “open, confident, friendly, helpful, and respectful, considerate to Nature and the environment in general, firmly rooted in rich cultural traditions and with respect to democratic principles; and always ready to help.” The embassy’s consideration of nature and the environment can easily be seen in their extensive green roof as well how the green spaces lead right up to the edge of the building.

Chalupa’s design divides the site into three distinct garden areas — a private garden space linked to quiet apartments and office spaces, a grand facade of frosted glass for visitors that curves to echo the circular driveway, and a generous garden space linked to the main lounges of the building. This last and larger garden is meant for the many social functions the embassy hosts and has a direct visual link to the ambassador’s home. With the narrow design of the embassy, natural light infiltrates from all angles and reaches into the interior.

+ Chalupa Architekti

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