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The Chicago, IL Helenowski Residence was gutted and all the inefficient systems, insulation and appliances were removed. Soy based spray foam insulation with no CFCL’s was sprayed into the walls for extra insulation. Reclaimed Douglas Fir wood from a nearby damaged fire building was used on the interior of the building along with fly-ash cement, recycled-content tiles, recycled content drywall, reclaimed dimensional lumber, reclaimed copper for the roof, gutters, and fascia, and exterior stone reclaimed from blast fragments.

The home’s roof features a small green roof to help absorb stormwater as well as a rainwater storage cistern underground, which is used for landscape irrigation. Windows are tripled paned, argon filled and have interior shades to block the sun. All paints, sealers and primers used are low VOC, and all new wood is FSC certified. Instead of LED lighting, cold-cathode lighting was used throughout the home – cold-cathode lighting is long lasting, up to three times more efficient than LED lighting and does not contain mercury or arsenic.

The renovated home measures 3,300 sq feet and has earned 119 points out of 136 in the LEED for Homes certification. Additionally, the home earned a HERS rating of 13, Energy Star certification, 3 Stars in the Chicago Green Homes Program, and is also net-zero energy due to three rows of photovoltaics on the roof and a vertical axis wind turbine.

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