Getting the kids out the door, in the car, and off to school is hard enough. For families in China – many of whom share a moped or scooter as their only vehicle – it’s even more difficult, not to mention unsafe. In Zhengzhou, a grandfather who goes by the name “Old Guo” decided that he wanted to take his grandson to school each day in something a little more stable and fun – so he set about building a tiny electric car with just enough room for him and the little tyke. But as NetEase reports, this isn’t just any mini car. Oh no. Old Guo turned approximately $815 dollars in stainless steel and batteries into a working model of a Lamborghini sports car–complete with stylish scissor doors! Keep reading to find out just how many amenities he packed into the 3’x6′ car.

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The Lil’ Lambo is fabricated from hand-cut and worked stainless steel. Old Guo was able to mimic the body style of the famous sports car by studying images off the internet. “It appears to use the wheels and drivetrains of two electric mopeds, and even features an electrically-operated rain canopy,” observes

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Even though the miniature Lamborghini doesn’t go fast enough to be allowed on public roads, it includes some of the safety features and amenities of a full sized car. “In addition to a rear-view mirror, it has all the accessories, as well as a stereo installed. Of the three push buttons on the steering wheel, the two on the left and right control the horn, while the center button can be pushed to engage reverse,” points out China Smack. There’s even an electrically operated rain canopy/cover concealed within the body, so Old Guo and his son stay dry during their adorable commute. See more pictures at NetEase.

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