In another triumph for green transportation, Shanghai’s latest bullet train has obliterated the previous record for the fastest high speed train in the world by 21km/h. The lightning fast train was able to reach a speed of 415km/h, and come late October it will service lucky commuters traveling from Shanghai to Hangzhou (which are approximately 202km apart). To be clear, the Shanghai train broke the world record for high-speed train travel, not conventional rail travel. The record holder for conventional rail travel is the French TGV, which clocked in at 574 kph.

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The only concern that locals have about the train is that its speed and convenience won’t come cheap. Tickets will be around 100 Yuan (or about $15) for a first-class ticket, while a fare on the slower train will be around half price. But honestly, wouldn’t you pay $8 bucks more to be able to hit the snooze button 3 or 4 extra times?

Via Gizmodo and PopSci

Image Credit: Occam