What if the goal of personal, green transportation was not just to contribute as little as possible to air pollution, but to actually clean the air we breathe using renewable energy? That’s the idea behind Yana Briggs’ GM-sponsored Chevy Era concept car for the year 2020. Briggs designed a car that has hints of current Chevy design, but she added innovative features such as roof-top glass solar cells and an exhaust that filters incoming air and cleans it before releasing it back into the atmosphere.

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The design overall is pretty simple. No word as to how Briggs intends to power the vehicle solely from the rooftop cells, but by 2020 we suppose that technology will likely have changed radically anyway, making something like this car possible without drastic weight reduction. And the technological details of this car aren’t the only thing we love about this car – the actual design is breathtaking. Check out the LED headlight configuration that matches the layout of the solar cells on the roof in our photo gallery. Beautiful.

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