This clever LED bottle light lets you turn any old empty bottle into a glass lamp! The rechargeable light is shaped just like a cork, so it can slip into the empty bottle of your choice. The light charges up using a USB plug, and it lends a cozy atmosphere to indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Steve Gates’ simple rechargeable bottle light was designed to look like a regular wine stopper. It consists of an LED light capped with a traditional cork that fits snugly inside a wide range of bottles. The LED inside the bottle turns on or off with a twist of the wrist, creating a gentle glow. The bottle light can be used inside of a clear glass bottle, or can lend atmospheric lighting when placed inside blue or green glass. The LED cork is also great for the outdoors, as it is both waterproof and windproof.

To charge the light, simply pull off the cork and plug the USB right into your computer or an AC adapter. It only takes one hour of charging to provide a long-lasting two and a half hours of light. The light gives off gentle illumination, so it can stand alone, or be grouped together into a multiple bottle arrangement. The best part of the rechargeable bottle light is that it only costs $15, so you can easily upcycle your old bottles into exquisite found lamps.

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