Call it karma, fate or just a really satisfying bit of irony: one of America’s most vociferous opponents to climate change is experiencing some of the worst of its effects. Donald Trump’s favorite property in Palm Beach Florida is being swallowed by the rising ocean, and fast. The short-fingered-vulgarian’s Mar-a-Lago estate could be a full foot underwater by 2030. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of thousands of scientists laughing maniacally at the deliciousness of it all.

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At the Mar-a-Lago club, Trump owns a massive historic mansion on the beach, along with ample grounds. Right now, seasonal tides crawl across the lawns, roads and beaches of the property. That’s bad enough, but things are only going to get worse. While the mansion itself will probably avoid being submerged, the property is doomed to struggle with access problems and safety issues caused by the climbing seas. And that’s assuming the estate doesn’t get smacked by the next big tropical storm.

Unfortunately, the situation isn’t actually funny. Mayors in Florida are scrambling to cope with the rising seas that are flooding higher across the state every year. Disappearing beaches and flooded streets have raised some pretty hefty price tags as civic leaders struggle to cope with the watery influx. All of this makes Trump’s brush-off seem particularly arrogant given the personal impact that the “mangled apricot hellbeast” is experiencing at his own properties.

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Trump, who once acknowledged the reality of climate change, now calls it all a Chinese hoax on the world. But though he talks about the “hoax” of global warming, he is quietly protecting some of his other investments from its effects. Seems like the Donald is either talking out of both sides of his mouth or he is very, very confused about how science works.

Via The Guardian

Images via Gage Skidmore