Paisajismo Urbano is literally turning Bogotá green with their amazing vertical ecosystems. One of the world’s most sophisticated team of vertical gardeners, the group behind B3 Hotel Virrey’s eight-story living wall have spent 18 years learning how to bring the jungle into cities. And what a job they’ve done! This particular vertical ecosystem boasts more than 25,000 plants, of which 40 percent are indigenous to Colombia.

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A total of 55 species were planted on the facade of the B3 Hotel Virrey in Bogotá. A self-polinating hydroponic vertical ecosystem, this insect-repellent living wall requires very little maintenance and the payoff is huge. Not only does it completely transform the face of a glum building, but it also insulates it, reducing its electricity load, and scrubs the polluted air clean. If you like this, then you’ll love Spain’s largest indoor vertical garden as well. Holy caramba!

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