Most of us spend much of our time on the go, rushing to work and shuttling kids to activities. Somewhere in the midst of the hustle, we have to eat. Stak has created a snacking pod to match those lifestyle needs, while aiming to create a long-lasting, eco-friendly product that eliminates the temptation of convenient but wasteful individually wrapped snacks.

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Convenience products have been flooding the supermarket shelves for decades, serving the needs of individuals and families who pack food to travel through the day with them. But these conveniences come at a cost in the form of single-use plastic packaging and excessive waste. Plus, the food is typically highly processed and loaded with preservatives. Stak developed an easy, zero-waste way to transport healthy snacks and is hoping to bring the product to market via a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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Traditional plastic storage containers are often bulky to pack and haul. Stak is a sleek, reusable vessel with three separate compartments that hold a variety of foods. Load up nuts, fruit, veggies or other favorites and take one or all three connectable containers to the office, daycare or park. Connect cups by easily screwing them together into a streamlined tower. The thoughtful design uses silicone seals to maintain freshness. As a unit, Stak fits easily into a world built for reusable water bottles, settling into automobile, stroller or bicycle drink holders as well as the side pouch of a backpack.

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Along with the intent to provide an alternative to processed, wasteful single-use packaging, Stak is made from plant-based materials and is compostable. Instead of using petroleum-based plastic, the company developed a corn-based option that functions like plastic but without harmful chemicals, such as BPA. The lid and cutlery are made from sustainable bamboo, and the straps are sourced from natural cotton.

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Even with commercially compostable materials, Stak is built to last for endless uses with parts that are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. The Stak Kickstarter campaign ends January 1, 2020 with the goal of raising $17,815.

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