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The 640 square foot home packs in a bevy of green building features. Starting on the exterior, a rainwater capturing system harvests rainwater from the roof for landscape irrigation. That same roof has a solar reflex index (SRI) of 107 and reflects 90 percent of the light that shines on it. The composite material comprising the roof is 100 percent recyclable and was attached to the home with a no-VOC (volatile organic compounds) adhesive.

The Connect 2.0 also scores plenty of natural light. Dual glazed windows allow sunlight to filter in, but keeps out the heat. Recycled glassalso plays a big part in the house’s content: glass tiles made from 80 percent post consumer glass are in the kitchen while countertops in the bathrooms are molded from a similar material.

Water saving features add to the house’s efficiency. Low-flow faucets reduce water waste and the dishwasher only uses 3.8 gallons per cycle compared to the seven to 10 gallons that conventional appliances use. The washing machine uses less than six gallons a load. Dual flush and low flow toilets reduce water consumption by 40 percent.

The interior’s soft colors are in part the result of the sustainable materials used on the floors and walls. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified bamboo flooring is used on the inside, while the outdoor deck is built out of FSC-sourced cedar. All the primers and paints are non-VOC.

According to Connect:Homes co-founder Gordon Stott, the most important difference their prefabricated houses offer is the ease of shipping. The Connect 2.0’s design allows for it to be tucked into a standard shipping container and be sent anywhere in the world at a low cost. One huge challenge many prefabricated house manufacturers face are the permitting requirements that send the shipping costs of their homes to astronomical levels. The Connect 2.0’s assembly also does not require a 200 to 400 ton crane for installation. The base price of the home, for now, is $105,000.

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Photos via Inhabitat, Connect:Homes, Bethany Nauert, Steve Walang