One of the great ironies of Greenbuild is the disconnect between the myriad of “green” products and the anything-but-green booths in which companies show their wares. In relief to the candy-colored plastic and vinyl clad arrangements, Construction Specialties used a low-tech paper tower to show off their high-tech green chemistry. By putting the message of sustainability in materials first, CS gets our nod as the best booth at Greenbuild 2013.

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After seeing a few football fields worth of fancy booths touting everything you can think of in the building world, the sparse accordion folded paper tower was a simple but effective presentation. The low-cost material was also very lightweight, cutting the embodied energy and transportation cost to nil. Posters were attached using presentation clips in the back and magnets on the front. Just a few of their products were on display, but having a large open area was a relief on the crowded floor.

The real story, though, is that materials count. Construction Specialties makes products like hospital doors and bumpers, floor tiles and sunshades, but with their emphasis on Cradle to Cradle certification, and removing PVC from their healthcare products, they are a leader in green chemistry. Now that C2C products can achieve points in LEED 4.0, we want to see a lot more manufacturers make the same effort in having safe materials be standard.

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