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The conversion features a new façade and a series of rolling doors and window shutters that hide the patio, which is encased in glass. Natural light now penetrates deep into the converted space thanks to tall windows and a skylight set in the back.

The simple shed roof creates an ideal space for the architects to play with a centralized box that serves all the functions of the home. Built-in seating and an office desk help delineate space in the open room. Tucked inside the stand-alone box is a bathroom that shares space with the utilities, closet and washing machine. A ladder provides access to the small sleeping loft above — watch your head please.

A single wall with built-in cabinets makes up the kitchen, and the space next to the patio is bright and public. Between the two built-ins is an airy open space that creates the feeling of an urban loft.

+ FABRE/deMARIEN architectes

Via Mugutu

Photographs © JeÌreÌmie Buchholtz