Ever wished you could charge your iPhone while skateboarding? Now you can with Chargeboard, a fantastic new long board designed by Bjorn van den Hout. Unlike any other board on the market, Chargeboard generates its own electricity through two hidden dynamos, storing it right away into a power box. And to up the cool ante as only Dutch designers know how, the board doubles as a docking station for blasting your favorite tunes after a long ride.

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Bjorn van den Hout designed the awesome Chargeboard as his graduation project for the Willem de Kooning Academyin Rotterdam. Still in the prototype stage, the board offers a minimalistic ride with its cool wooden deck and sleek white undercarriage. Its clever design allows people to charge their phones while on the go, turningkinetic energyinto power.

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Chargeboard features two dynamos (6V each) in the rear axles and stores the generated energy in a power box (5V). This way, just one hour of skating could fully charge yoursmart phone, and the battery stores enough energy for up to eight full charges. Although it was designed for the iPhone 4 and 4S, its external USB and 3.5mm audio jack allows it to charge and play other devices as well. Maybe we should all take up skateboarding?

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