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Lavaflow 7, Craig Steely Architecture, hawaii, concrete home, natural ventilation, rainwater collection, solar hot water

Lavaflow 7 is sited on 5 acres of dense Ohia forest, which is filled with the type of vegetation that takes over after a lava flow. Built upon the rocky remains of a 1955 lava flow on the slopes of Kilauea crater, the home enjoys views of the forest and of the ocean. Craig Steely designed the home to take part of this landscape and the home opens up to the environment. This is their seventh home in the area that explores “reductive architecture that enhances the experience of living in this compelling environment.” The concrete home was inspired by the surrounding forest of gray barked trees accented by colorful flowers.

The thin home ensures that each room has access to light, views and natural ventilation. In fact the design eliminates the need for any mechanical cooling. To create this openness, the home relies on a concrete beam – 140 feet long, 48 inches tall and 12 inch wide that runs the entire length and is supported by three short concrete walls. Engineered beams and wood planks form the roof below and the result is an expansive openness and a permeable edge between the interior and exterior. A rainwater catchment system collects all the water needed for the home and a solar thermal rooftop system heats water for domestic use.

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