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The municipal government does not nor ever will have the funds to build a 3 km bridge across the bay, even though the region is sorely in need of it. Private investment is needed in order to make the project a reality and developers could expand into a whole new type of real estate. ‘Bay Condos’ or ‘Bridge Condos’ could easily become the new hot place to be and hypothetically, tourists and wealthier residents would line up for on the water residences.

BNKR Arquitectura proposes a 3 km habitable bridge with 700,000 sq meters worth of space for residences, roadways and public parks. Scattered across the bay, bases would be built into the water, on which triangular towers would be erected. Residences, offices and retail space would be built into these structures. Then the roadway and parking areas would be contained in a core structure that spans the length of the bridge. On top of the roadway, pedestrian and bike paths along with gardens and open space would be installed for public use. The bases would be converted to both private and public docks for watercraft and for visitors and residents to take advantage of the water.

Acapulco would get the much needed traffic expander, residents could have the opportunity to live on the water and it would all get paid for – at least in theory. In reality, this habitable bridge is a massive infrastructure project, requiring diligent engineering, disaster-proof design (for earthquake and tsunami), and a ton of money.

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