BRZBrands’ Hot Art brings paintings to your home that do more than just warm your soul — each work of art doubles as an energy-efficient infrared heater. Hot Art brings spa quality heat to any room indoors and out, while showing off a flair for style, for a relatively affordable price of $279.

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Both functional and fashionable, Hot Art heaters comprise an eco-friendly way to bring warmth to a room, patio or balcony. Using infrared heat, the pieces provide non-drying warmth that radiates from the apparent painting. The heat provided is also energy efficient, warming the same area with 600 watts that a 1500 watt traditional heater usually provides, averaging a savings of 60 percent on energy bills. With directed heat, Hot Art can warm a specific zone instead of needlessly heating unused rooms.

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Infrared heat is great for allergy suffers, emitting warmth without fans that stir up dust or dry the air. The durable art/heater is maintenance free, and should provide safe, clean heat for 30 years.

Hot Art doesn’t only provide portable heat, it also doubles as home décor. You have the choice of thousands of styles, from painted looks to photographs, or you can upload your own image. Once you’ve picked your art, you can have the heater framed and hung in any drafty room. Early supporters of Kickstarter campaign, “>Hot Art’s Kickstarter campaign can get their arty heaters by January.


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