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The Cité Radieuse’s rooftop originally served as a gym where residents could let of steam and work out while taking in beautiful city views of Marseille. The concrete volume rises in three distinct shapes: a vertical rectangle, a bended arch, and an undulating chimney. Responding to each structure, Buren created seven brand new works for the sprawling roof.

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The bended arch structure is capped with a myriad of translucent sheets. Bold panes of red, blue, green, magenta and orange glass were cut in varying square and rectangular shapes and then fitted together to create a stained glass effect that reflects on the highly polished floor. At night the rainbow of colors glow and illuminate the surrounding neighborhood.

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Mirrored panes are interspersed throughout the installation reflecting the colored panes as the sun shines. Colorful square podiums double as benches, which dot the rooftop. Mirror walls encase the chimney form, reflecting the sky, the city of Marseille, and Buren’s pieces. The beautiful installation is open to the public until September 30, 2014.

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